– Assistance Hulu (@hulu_support) 3 mars 2020 Pour ceux qui souhaitent regarder Hulu et Hulu TV sur leur PS4, vous pouvez consulter l’intégralité de la FAQ Hulu + Hulu Live TV PS4 ci-dessous (malheureusement, si vous utilisez toujours une PS3 comme centre multimédia principal, il n’y a actuellement aucun plan pour Hulu TV à prendre en charge sur la plate-forme):

25 Mar 2020 Yes, Hulu is available for streaming on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro models. Also, that includes Hulu Live. Hulu is also available on your Apple TV,  Samsung and LG smart TVs, Echo Show, PS4, Xbox One, and web browsers. Hulu's main draw is its plethora of cable TV shows, making it a or other live events like awards shows, the Hulu Live TV package is a  5 Mar 2020 Hulu's Live TV service finally made it's way to the PS4 after almost 3 years the service was launched. With the recent shut down of Sony's own  3 Mar 2020 Hulu is bringing its Live TV service to the PS4, effective immediately. With its relatively low price tag and huge library of channels, Hulu + Live  4 Apr 2020 Sony and Hulu announced via a blog post Hulu + Live TV are now available on PlayStation 4 consoles. []

PS4でhuluを使うには、もちろんhuluに登録しないといけません。 まずはコチラから「huluの公式ページ」に飛び、無料お試しに登録しましょう。お試し期間は、 期間内に解約すれば料金が発生しない特典 ですので、気軽に登録しましょう。 登録後は、PCやスマホ・タブレット端末・PS4など、色んな

03/03/2020 · Starting today, you can watch Hulu + Live TV on your PlayStation 4 console. Live TV's PS4 debut comes nearly three years after Hulu first launched the service, and more than a month after Sony 25/03/2020 · Yes, Hulu is available for streaming on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro models. Also, that includes Hulu Live. Hulu is also available on your Apple TV, Fire Stick, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Android, iOS PS4 users can now access Hulu with Live TV. Sarah Tew/CNET Hulu with Live TV is now available on PlayStation 4, Hulu tweeted on Tuesday.The service lets users watch both live and on-demand content. A Hulu + Live TV subscription allows you to watch on up to two screens at a time. If you want to enjoy Hulu + Live TV simultaneously on more than two supported devices, you can always add the Unlimited Screens option, so everyone in your household gets to watch at home whenever they want. With the add-on, you can also watch on three screens when you're on the go.


@Mazc1999 @hulu Hey Hulu im on a PS4 and i am unable to view episodes list (there's not an option) on any of the shows. First time I've had this problem how can I fix it 2020-07-21 19:43:57 @homerup4health Thanks so much #comcast for the sweet service outage. No internet, cable or Netflix/Hulu during a pandemic - awesome. You guys are killing it 2020-07-21 19:43:17 @sirtwist @kylealden 04/02/2020 Como posso assistir o Hulu no meu PS4? Acesse um navegador da web em seu smartphone ou computador pessoal e registre-se no Hulu. Atualmente, existem 3 planos de assinatura disponíveis no Hulu: US $ 5,99 – um mês (com anúncios), US $ 11,99 – um mês (sem anúncios) e US $ 54,99 – um mês (Hulu + Live TV).